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Our company has two clear and simple objectives. Firstly, to identify and offer only the very best portfolio of international property investments from around the world and secondly to consistently deliver the highest quality of service that all our discerning clients both deserve and should enjoy.

Marina complexBuying an international property will always involve sound financial analysis, but ultimately the motivation is emotional and the final decision is a very personal, individual one. Most of our clients look forward to spending time with family and friends enjoying the pleasurable comfort of any new home, sharing experiences and creating new memories together. However, can anyone resist the very strong personal satisfaction that can only be gained from gazing out from your own property onto a new and enticing foreign landscape?

You may be looking for a holiday apartment or a permanent home. You may want your children to have the benefit of an international education and want to be able to spend time with them near their new school in Switzerland or the UK. On the other hand, you could be considering how best to exploit the current market opportunity by investing some of your hard earned wealth into high-profile properties that could well experience spectacular growth over the next 10 years. Maybe you desire all of the above.

In Westhome-Invest we bring together a management team with long experience in property development, international educational services and sound international business management. We are a financially sound, Anglo-Russian company with offices already in London, St.Petersburg, Kiev and Savolinna and partners in all the major European capitals and resorts.

Our highly trained and responsive team are ready and waiting. Please contact us now and let us help you find the best home for your investment today.

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